Safe Riding stirrup - stirrups of the new dimension

Credit : Pierluigi Fossa

Monday 08 April - 09h50

Safe Riding stirrup - stirrups of the new dimension

What if there was a stirrup that secures a good grip when riding and ensures complete mobility of the foot in a fall and releases it - always!? That would be a sensation. The good news is that this sensational product is now available.

 - Safe Riding stirrup - stirrups of the new dimension

Safe Riding Stirrup S1
Credit : Pierluigi Fossa

After the metal stirrup was used unchanged for around 1,400 years, since the 1980s it has been puzzled over how this element of horseback riding can be improved. Ideas such as joints in the side panels and outside open parts were just the beginning of a development towards a modern stirrup.
Now there is the Safe Riding Stirrup S model, developed by riders for riders. The Italian Barea family, passionate horsemen and sport riders, have teamed up with experts from their company's R & D department for plastic fiber products and wondered which materials could meet the high standards required. The experts were able to give crucial advice on which products to bring the necessary elasticity but also strength, hardness and robustness in order to create a stirrup that stands out in all details.

The result is a thoroughly created, modern stirrup that for the first time combines the aspects of safety, comfort and design at the highest level. The hardest critic is Vanessa Barea (26) herself, when it comes to product real life tests. The young woman is an experienced eventing rider, competing with three horses on an international level. "Sport riders come up with high demands. Especially when riders like us have many young horses under the saddle and horses with little experience, you know to appreciate the safety aspects of an excellent stirrup. "

What’s the key quality of Safe Riding Stirrup?

What’s the key quality of Safe Riding Stirrup? - Safe Riding stirrup - stirrups of the new dimension

Safe Riding Stirrup S2
Credit : Pierluigi Fossa

What makes the Safe Riding stirrup different from all other stirrups is the outer thigh, which has a 360-degree mobility. But this stirrup, S1 and now S2, for which a safety certificate is available, convinces the rider as well with the plate's shock-absorbing and non-slip properties and many other refined details such as the conical shape of the stirrup and the inclination of the footplate, which contribute to optimum ergonomic positioning of the rider's foot.

  • - 360-degree mobility for safety
  • - Shock absorbing plate for comfort
  • - Ergonomic positioning of foot
The sophisticated combination of these safety and comfort elements was made possible by the use of innovative materials, such as those used in aeronautics. Aluminum and various compound materials, including glass fibers, and memory elements, that ensure that the stirrup can be returned to its old position after it has been completely opened, offer a convincing package of safety benefits. Carbon and elastomers are also among the ingredients that make the Safe Riding Stirrup S1 and S2, such as aviation grade spring steel with extremely high mechanical strength. Three patents are testimony to the innovation and forward-looking techniques contained in the Safe Riding Stirrup.

What’s the key quality of Safe Riding Stirrup? - Safe Riding stirrup - stirrups of the new dimension

 - Safe Riding stirrup - stirrups of the new dimension

Ignace Philips
Credit : Scoopdyga

The innovative and technologically mature product is an all-round successful and well-thought-out masterpiece that gives riders pleasure and a special degree of safety in sports. "This is the safest stirrup currently on the market," says show jumper Helena Lundbäck (Sweden), who has been using the Safe Riding stirrup for two years.

The highest possible safety aspect is the focus of Safe Riding, but it is combined with a chic design. The highlight of this stirrup is the personalized design of the replaceable cover on the outside. Both the colors of the national flag as well as glitter but also own designs are possible here. Helena Lundbäck has several different covers that she can exchange: "I'm not a little girl, but I actually have a cover with glitter - my 5-year-old daughter loves it!"

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