Lecoultre de Muze: a jewel biding his time

Lecoultre de Muze
Credit : Sportfot

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Lecoultre de Muze: a jewel biding his time

As a seven-year-old, Lecoultre de Muze was impressive, excelling in his age group. And having now turned eight, his rider, Philippe Rozier, sees Lecoultre de Muze as a future leading horse. Lecoultre de Muze also has many attributes as a stallion. Indeed, as the product of a rare cross between the fantastic Presley Boy and the world champion Vigo d’Arsouilles, Lecoultre de Muze comes from a bloodline rich in winners.

 - Lecoultre de Muze: a jewel biding his time

Lecoultre de Muze
Credit : Scoopdyga

When Lecoultre de Muze is in the show ring, he is one of those horses everyone is looking at. As a seven-year-old, he made everything look easy, effortlessly clearing obstacles. And for a little more than a year since he first fell head over heels for him, Philippe Rozier has had the phenomenal horse in his stables: “I first met him when he was six years old, during a lesson I was giving at the Ecuries d’Ecaussines. He really pleased me, but wasn’t for sale at the time. A year ago, though, I was able to purchase one half of the horse through Christian Baillet, who just recently acquired him fully after buying the other half from Christophe Ameeuw. In the beginning, during the lesson, he seemed quite precocious and very intelligent, with a great gallop. And when I tried him out as a six-year-old, we jumped over four obstacles and I told Mr. Baillet that this horse could jump anything. Right away, I had a great feeling with Lecoultre de Muze, who was very balanced and careful, with a great mouth. All of our jumps were identical and it was love at first sight. Sometimes you have one impression of horses when you stand beside them and then are disappointed when you ride them, but with him, after four jumps, I knew he was extraordinary.”

"I expect Lecoultre de Muze to take up the baton from Rahotep and Cristallo"

I expect Lecoultre de Muze to take up the baton from Rahotep and Cristallo - Lecoultre de Muze: a jewel biding his time

Lecoultre de Muze
Credit : Sportfot

After an almost perfect seven-year-olds season in which Lecoultre de Muze only knocked down two bars, this year will be mainly dedicated towards getting him a maximum amount of experience for top-level competitions, which Philippe Rozier envisions for him later on: “The eight-year-old year is really a transitional year. When horses are seven, they have a national and international circuit dedicated to them, but at eight years old, it’s more complicated. When you have a horse like this who is destined to jump at a high level, you can’t take part in speed classes, and the biggest classes are still too big for them. So this year I’m going to continue working with him and getting him experience in some big competitions. I expect Lecoultre de Muze to take up the baton from Rahotep de Toscane and Cristallo A*LM, therefore I have to prepare him as much as possible so that when he’s nine, he’ll be ready for big classes. I think this could be my last great horse, but this year there’s no pressure. He’s like a big pony, but full of blood and very sensitive. I’ve started to ride him in 1.40m classes and from time to time, he goes a little too ‘full speed ahead’ – sometimes I feel like I’m going to be thrown out of the saddle.  But those are never fearful jumps; his agility is almost disconcerting. He is really careful and you really just have to avoid having him touch a bar, because afterwards he’ll jump way too high.”

Lecoultre de Muze shares many similarities with Presley Boy

Lecoultre de Muze shares many similarities with Presley Boy - Lecoultre de Muze: a jewel biding his time

Product of Lecoultre de Muze with Utamaro d'Écaussinnes's sister

For Philippe Rozier, Lecoultre de Muze shares many similarities with his father Presley Boy, who was one of the most high-profile horses of his time. With Kaled Al Eid, Presley Boy competed in the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, won a Team gold medal and Individual bronze at the Asian Games, triumphed in the Grand Prix CSIO of Gijon and finished second in the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix in Doha. He was among the favourites for the Olympic Games in London, but a serious case of colic prevented him from taking part. He never recovered from that and passed away two years later.  Presley Boy left behind a small number of still young products, with the first generations of them now reaching the high level, including very promising mounts such as Easter Boy and Prestigio La Silla.
Geneve de Muze, the mother of Lecoultre de Muze, is the daughter of the world champion and excellent breeding horse Vigo d’Arsouilles (Nabab de Rêve) with the blood of Landgraf I on the maternal side. A good competitor up to 1.50m, Geneve has several products, the oldest of whom are nine years old and have competed up to the 1.45m level.
Nelke van het Waterschoot (Latano), Le Coultre de Muze’s grandmother, was also a very good competitor with Gudrun Pateet. She comes from a rich maternal bloodline, featuring many winners like Glasgow de Muze and Upsilon de la Linière, who compete at 1.60m. This is also the maternal bloodline of the stallion Shindler de Muze, father of Grand Prix winners.
The first products of Lecoultre de Muze are now three years old. His foals are often athletic and sturdy, with real presence and a good gallop.

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