Video: Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch revealed

Credit : Tokyo 2020

Friday 29 March - 17h32 | Ian Clayton

Video: Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch revealed

Earlier this month, the torch design for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan – which will feature show jumping, eventing and dressage competitions – was unveiled. In addition, the Paralympic Torch was also made public.

As organizers describe, "The design of the Olympic Torch has been unveiled! The torch bears the motif of a cherry blossom, Japan’s best-loved flower, and will begin its journey across the country with the arrival of the cherry blossom season in March 2020." For the Paralympic Torch, "the pink torch will be lit for the first time in Tokyo in August 2020, embodying the 'Share Your Light' concept of the and leveraging the enthusiasm of all those supporting the Paralympics."

For more, see here. For a look at the envisioned equestrian venues at the Tokyo Games as of February, 2018, see here. Video below the break (Tokyo 2020).

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