View from the saddle: team chasing

Credit : Sara Cox

Friday 22 March - 09h35 | Ian Clayton

View from the saddle: team chasing

In today’s view from the saddle, something a little different: a mix of eventing, chasing, racing and show jumping with this team chasing competition at the 2017 Cotswolds Open Team Chase in England. Video below the break. 

What is team chasing? Your team will be asked to cross roughly two miles and approximately 25 natural obstacles all at the same time – think old fashioned hunter trial courses but over open countryside and hedges too. Now, if you're aiming for a prize, you need to think fast and clear, being slow won't get you to the top of the leader board! If you have a two rider falls, or a single horse fall, you are eliminated to ensure safety of horse and rider, or if you refuse more than three times at the same fence you're also eliminated." Where did team chasing come from? “It all started over a lunch with Alan Mouncer (sports producer at BBC) who invited along his friend Douglas Bunn. Alan wanted Douglas' advice on new ideas for Hickstead, so Douglas suggested that a team chase of four riders be put to the test over the natural formidable fences on the Hickstead Estate…. That was the start of team chasing. Equestrians all over the country soon realised that team chasing could become a very attractive sport as it combined the thrill of the chase, the speed of racing, the skill of eventing and the discipline of show jumping with spectacular ups and downs enjoyed by both competitors and spectators alike.” Video below [note: some seconds of camera flashing/skipping] by Sara Cork

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