Video: With one eye removed, Ehning's Cornado NRW keeps jumping

Ehning and Cornado NRW at 2014 World Equestrian Games in France
Credit : Scoopdyga

Wednesday 20 March - 14h42 | Ian Clayton

Video: With one eye removed, Ehning's Cornado NRW keeps jumping

Cornado NRW, the 16-year-old grey stallion of German show jumper Marcus Ehning, was back in action at last weekend’s Dutch Masters Indoor Brabant Horse Show in The Netherlands – with one less eye.   

“Cornado has shown his best side today," wrote the World No.4 (a position he shares with Dutchman Harrie Smolders) on March 15. "We are happy that he survived his eye removal so well and are overjoyed to have him back at tournaments."

Ehning gave a little background to World of Showjumping about the situation with his mount: "The problem was noticed shortly before Christmas and a couple of days [later] Cornado’s eye was removed. Cornado has adjusted quickly, and now it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.”

In an earlier interview with GrandPrix, cross-country course designer Captain Mark Phillips spoke about horses' vision: "I think a lot about how the horse sees. We’re predators, the horse is a prey animal… The horse can see 340 degrees but not the ten degrees in front and not the ten degrees behind. And horses see in shades of blue and green, they see in contrast, not in colour. So I’m thinking of that and I’m using the sides of the fence, because the closer the horse gets to the fence, the more it draws its information from the side, as obviously it can’t see what’s in front. So I work hard to try and help the horse read or understand where the leading edge of the fence is." See the pair's ride here. 

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