VIDEO: When You Get A Visitor In Your Dressage Test

Credit : Screenshot

Saturday 09 March - 03h02 | Lulu Kyriacou

VIDEO: When You Get A Visitor In Your Dressage Test

Imogen Murray is the latest event rider to  go viral, as a video of a loose horse careering across her dressage test was posted online today.

Murray was competing at the Oasby Horse Trials in the OPen Intermediate section  riding Roheryn Ruby when a loose horse came careering across the arena.  The horse had deposited it's rider on the cross country course and before being recaptured made a few laps of the dressage arenas. 

​Murray, who made such an impressive debut at Badminton in 2018 riding Ivar Goodun, did not lose her cool for a moment, even as the loose horse came within inches of a collision and her horse remained equally focussed scoring an impressive 26.1 and finishing eigth overall.  

​The video was posted on her social media page and at time of writing has already had nearly 500'000 views. It  will have to do a little better to out do Lissa Green's schooling at the water jump fall which is still being shared and has been viewed several million times! Coincidentally,  that video was posed a year ago to the day!     

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