Danish Warmblood Stallion Show: a celebration of sport and breeding

Auction horse Hesselhøj Downtown, a promising stallion prospect by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy
Credit : Ridehesten.com

Tuesday 05 March - 10h03 | Edited press release

Danish Warmblood Stallion Show: a celebration of sport and breeding

This week, from March 6–10, the 40th Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing will be held in Herning, Denmark as part of a major equestrian event bringing together sport and breeding. More than 60,000 visitors are expected at the Stallion Licensing and Horse & Rider exhibition, billed as the largest event of its kind. And for those unable to attend in person, live streaming of the action will be available and telephone bidding can be arranged.

Exceptional international results

Exceptional international results - Danish Warmblood Stallion Show: a celebration of sport and breeding

In recent years, Danish Warmblood breeders have put their studbook on the world map through remarkable international results, including the only two triple world champions for young dressage horses, the internationally sought-after stallion Sezuan and the world-famous mare Fiontini. And the Danish Warmblood Stallion licensing at Herning's MCH Exhibition center is where those two and many other DWB horses had their first major success beforel breaking through internationally. 

The grand finale for stallions
Every year in March, the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in Herning is the grand finale of the European licensing season, as many of the best colts from the foreign licensings are purchased by Danes. And the upcoming licensing will be no exception. This year, the event will feature five sons of the first crop of the FEI/WBFSH world championship medallist and DWB gold medal stallion Hesselhøj Donkey Boy. Among the show jumping stallions, two older stallions with an international show record, Royal Butterfly and Quidman Denfer.

International dressage icon as test rider 
The best 5-year-old Danish Warmblood dressage (35) and show jumping (29) horses will be competing in the young horse championship in Herning, where two international test riders will be judging the horses on rideability and capacity. Danish team rider Lars Bak Andersen will be testing the show jumpers in the KATRINELUND Young Horse Championship while Swedish team rider Patrik Kittel will be testing the dressage horses in the BLUE HORS Young Horse Championship. The Danish-bred stallion Sezuan totally dominates the field of contestants, with more than a third of the qualified dressage horses sired by him. Many of the horses are trained and ridden by high-profile riders such as Danish dressage team rider Cathrine Dufour, who is showing her own horse by Sezuan. Continued below.

An exciting field for the CDI**** and CSI***

An exciting field for the CDI**** and CSI*** - Danish Warmblood Stallion Show: a celebration of sport and breeding

Cathrine Dufour and Atterupgaards Cassidy
Credit : Ridehesten.com

The Danish Warmblood Stallion licensing truly unites sport and breeding at a very high level. Throughout the event, international dressage riders will be competing in a four-star CDI and the show jumpers in a three-star CSI, both of which feature an exciting international field. Among the many dressage team riders from various countries on hand, Spaniard Severo Jurado López will be competing the triple young horse world champion Fiontini in her first four-star Grand Prix, which will also be the comeback test for Cathrine Dufour’s top horse Atterupgaards Cassidy after an eight-month show break. Cathrine Dufour is also bringing her other top horse Bohemian, and she will have a very busy week as she holds a dressage master clinic on Thursday night.

Starting lists and results from the international show jumping and dressage classes as well as the young horse championship and the actual stallion licensing are available here. Continued below.

Auction of young DWB talents

Auction of young DWB talents - Danish Warmblood Stallion Show: a celebration of sport and breeding

Birkegårdens Conchita, a five-year-old mare by Cavall Ask/Calato
Credit : Ridehesten.com

An impressive collection of carefully selected quality horses at various training levels will be auctioned on March 9 at the Danish Warmblood Spring Auction during the stallion licensing in MCH Messecenter Herning. The collection of sales horses, aged 3–8 years old, is now available online where you find each one of them with a photo, video, pedigree and description of the individual as well as you can obtain information on x-rays.

Danish Warmblood’s Spring Auction will be streamed live on www.clipmyhorse.de, making it very easy to purchase a horse over the phone. However, phone bidding must be agreed upon in advance. Please contact Danish Warmblood (tel. +45 40852421 or e-mail auktion@varmblod.dk) in order to arrange phone bidding.

Exhibition, gala and more
In addition to the actual stallion licensing, the young horse championship, the CDI/CSI as well as the master clinic, the event hosts a major exhibition area with 300 booths and a championship for farriers. On Friday and Saturday night, the major arena, Boxen, will welcome nearly 10,000 enthusiastic horse lovers enjoying the almost sold-out Gala Show. See here for more information. 

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