New group starts work in support of international-level grooms

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Friday 01 March - 11h59 | Ian Clayton

New group starts work in support of international-level grooms


 - New group starts work in support of international-level grooms

They have been called the ‘unsung heroes of equestrian sports’, and a newly-launched organization has the mission of representing them better on the international stage. The International Competition Grooms Group (ICGG) is an initiative of the British Grooms Association (BGC) but is open to “any groom that works at international level competitions, whether in the UK or abroad” – both employed as a staff member or freelance. [Certain membership benefits, like insurance discounts, are only available to UK-based members, the BGC notes.]

The ICGG has representatives from each international sports circuit, and will work with the British group to “collate, represent and feedback to governing bodies, organising committees and competition organisers…. giving a united voice at this elite level.” Daniel Tarpey, Zoe Herbert and Sara Shears are the show jumping Reps, Alan Davies and Heidi Troniseck are the dressage reps, and their counterparts for eventing are Jess Errington and Debbie Carpenter.

“In addition the ICGG will also offer support to less experienced competition grooms and give them a friendly Representative from their sport, who they can contact to get practical advice and support.”

International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) President, Ingmar De Vos said, “We welcome the creation of the International Competition Grooms Group, which will give a stronger voice to these incredibly dedicated members of our community.... The FEI set up a grooms working group in 2017 and we hope this new international organisation will be fully representative of this important group of people and will enable us to have an even better communication channel direct with the grooms. We look forward to a close collaboration with the ICGG.”

“I am extremely proud to be an ambassador for the BGA," Davies stated in an article on Horsetalk. "It is informative and supportive on many levels and always striving to improve all aspects of our lives as grooms. The new International Competition Grooms Group adds another dimension, giving even more support for those of us facing the challenges of travelling the world.”

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