Queen’s grandson envisions horse racing at landmark sites

Paris' Champs-Élysées
Credit : City Racing

Wednesday 27 February - 14h52 | Ian Clayton

Queen’s grandson envisions horse racing at landmark sites

The Champs-Élysées in Paris, Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, New York’s Fifth Avenue.

 - Queen’s grandson envisions horse racing at landmark sites

Horse racing in Sydney?
Credit : City Racing

Those are the kinds of places Peter Phillips, grandson of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, son of Captain Mark Phillips and brother of champion eventer Zara Phillips, can imagine hosting pop-up horse races with top jockeys and huge crowds, according to a BBC report. 

The City Racing project is an initiative of SEL UK, which also works with his sister on the commercial side of her career. Supporters of the proposed idea told the broadcaster that it could help bring racing to "a younger, urban audience".

And the company believes it can quickly and safely install and take down the necessary infrastructure. “A special synthetic surface would be laid on the streets, topped with a thick layer of sand and able to easily withstand the weight of thoroughbreds racing at speed,” BBC Sport’s Frank Keogh writes. For more on their method, see the City Racing video posted by Racing Post on YouTube below the advertisement.

"Equine safety is paramount,” Phillips told Keough. “We have a veterinary advisory board and a gold-standard welfare framework." While negotiations with cities such as Paris and London have stalled, SEL hopes to see such races in 2019–20 in other urban locations around the world. See the original BBC report here. Video below the break. 

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