Report: Equestrian boss quits in Australia in wake of conflicts

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Friday 22 February - 16h33 | Ian Clayton

Report: Equestrian boss quits in Australia in wake of conflicts

After conflicts within other national federations such as Canada’s in recent years, Equestrian Australia (EA) continues to deal with its own upheaval after the resignation of its chairwoman.

 - Report: Equestrian boss quits in Australia in wake of conflicts

According to a report in The Australian newspaper, EA chair Judy Fasher has stepped down 2½ years after being appointed to the position and three months after efforts began to remove her. 

Sources told the paper’s Olivia Caisey that internal divisions arose within the organization regarding EA's controversial sponsorship deal with a vaccine-maker, as well as disagreements over funding, and legal issues related to the deaths and traumatic injury of young riders. For her part, Fasher explained her decision to Caisley by saying that there “wasn’t any more to give” at EA, which oversees sports like jumping, eventing and dressage in the country. “I wish Equestrian Australia all the best but I will no longer be involved in any official capacity,” Fasher added.

Last Fall, a former senior International Olympic Committee member in the country reportedly contacted Fédération Équestre Internationale head Ingmar De Vos regarding his concerns about the conflict: "In an email to the Federal Equestrian Internationale on Friday, he cautioned president Ingmar De Vos against sanctioning any breakaway body that might emerge from the fighting," Caissie reported. "'What I have also just heard is that Judy Fasher and two of her supporters are in discussions with Sport Australia (the old Australian Sports Commission) about winding up the existing Equestrian Australia and establishing a new national federation based around Judy and the others, principally in NSW, who support her,' Coates said in an email obtained by The Australian.

Ms Fasher vehemently denied any plans to launch an alter­native equestrian body and last night told The Australian she was outraged that Mr Coates had made the accusations without providing evidence." For the latest article on the affair, see here. 

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