Riding tips from one of the top eventing coaches in the world, Chris Bartle

Chris Bartle
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Monday 10 December - 15h44 | Ian Clayton

Riding tips from one of the top eventing coaches in the world, Chris Bartle

For eventing riders who are developing their skills and interested in some tips, Chris Bartle is not a bad option as an advisor. The British eventing team’s performance coach – who has helped lead both his home nation and Germany to the top of the sport – recently offered some thoughts for riders at a masterclass in England. 

 - Riding tips from one of the top eventing coaches in the world, Chris Bartle

Rosalind Canter and Allstar B at the 2018 World Equestrian Games
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Chris Bartle’s record with the two countries speaks for itself, but one athlete who commented this Fall on his help was the double World Champion at September’s FEI World Equestrian Games, Rosalind Canter. After her Individual and Team golds, she told the Chrono of the Horse that Bartle ‘changed her style of riding, so it’s less intense. Using a longer rein, [Canter] has tried to let her horse do the job and not help out too much.’

“It’s not only that, it’s the confidence he instills, and also it’s always about the rider with Chris,” Canter added about the 66-year-old coach. “The horse does his job, and the rider always has a job to do, so today when I went into the show jumping, instead of getting really nervous, it’s all about the process; it’s all about jump by jump. My job is to keep my eyes open, keep my reins long, and the results happen.”

Yet as Carol Phillips of Horse and Hound notes, the British coach’s advice not only helps elite competitors like Canter, but riders at every level.

To that end she quotes Bartle explaining his overview of cross-country today: “Cross-country in the modern sport of eventing is about turning lines, jumping fences on extreme angles, and the lines you have to hold between the fences. In this way you have to bring your dressage training into the cross-country phase…. Of course you still need a horse that’s bold enough to take on the ditches and water, but it must have a partnership with the rider and both must be disciplined to be successful. How we communicate the question to the horse and how the rider guides the horse is key.”

For the full article and tips, which touch on everything from warming up to training approaches and riding lines, see here. The masterclass with Christopher Bartle was organized by the British Eventing Charitable Foundation.

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