Farewell to summer

Credit : Scoopdyga

Friday 28 September - 11h25 | Maxence Magnin

Farewell to summer

Temperatures are dropping, the summer holidays are over and work has resumed – for people as well as horses. A few weeks from the real conditions of autumn (much cooler, especially at night), the habits of your horse as well as yours are changing. Below, a glimpse of some of this season's transition. 

For the horse

For the horse - Farewell to summer

Credit : Scoopdyga

Clipping. With the heat gradually dissipating, horses and ponies will gradually regain their winter coat. But competing and daily training with this longer, thicker hair will be difficult for the horse who will overheat. Clipping is the only way to prevent equine athletes from excess sweating  during exercise.

Rugs and Blankets. Anyone who has clipped their horse has to be thinking of using a rug to protect their equines from the cold weather to come. And one must do one's best to adapt its weight to the outside temperature, so sometimes one rug is not enough, additional blankets are required!Yes, the joys of cold weather are arriving little by little!

Back to hay. After the long days of summer, horses and ponies – both out in the field and in the stables – will have to say goodbye to rich grazing. While grass is still present, by September–October in some pastures it is beginning to lose its feed value and then  hay is the obvious solution for ensuring that all horses are well-fed.

Mood swings. Temperature changes are sometimes difficult for equines, especially hot to cold transitions. Riders sometimes have to hang on a little tigher in cold weather as horses  are much more likely to buck and kick when a freezing draft hits them as they leave their warm stable. At least in those cases, nobody is bored!

For the rider

For the rider - Farewell to summer

Credit : Scoopdyga

Getting out the jackets. Say goodbye to riding in t-shirts, hello blazers and jackets. The beautiful season for riding 'light' in the evening is over and one has to prepare to put several layers on before heading to the stables. Indeed, one can save a lot of time riding in the summer!

Preparation time. Speaking of time, the time necessary for the preparation of our horses and ponies is also greater than in the summer as higher temperatures fade away. The wetter weather makes the ground muddier  and the horses more likely to be dirty. A treat for riders who have to go to the stables earlier to prepare their horses.

Riding earlier or at the end of the day. If the summer allows for (or requires) riding earlier or later than usual, autumn days and the change in weather conditions gradually reduce the options for riding during the day and especially before the night falls. Riders therefore have to find a new riding rhythm.

Getting back in shape. Whether for training or competitions, physical fitness must be a focus after the occasional let-up that takes place during the summer months. To avoid lasting aches and pains and be able to ride comfortably, fitness is essential as the seasons change!

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