Equestrian sports fans debate issue of Tryon Games organization

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Tuesday 25 September - 17h05 | Ian Clayton

Equestrian sports fans debate issue of Tryon Games organization

With the 2018 Tryon FEI World Equestrian Games now wrapped up, discussion continues online in the wake of diverse critiques of their organization, with numerous equestrian sports fans defending Games officials for in their view at least trying to maintain the event after the original host pulled out.

 - Equestrian sports fans debate issue of Tryon Games organization

One can get a sense of that debate in the reaction to a video published yesterday with photos of construction at the site over recent years. Mark Bellissimo and his team at the Tryon International Equestrian Center took over the organization of the event in 2016 after Bromont, Canada dropped out. The video is below the break at the end of the article. 

“I wasn’t feeling too positive about the success of these games until I realized that Canada cancelled at the last minute and Tryon stepped up,” one poster commented. “Otherwise, there likely wouldn’t have been a competition for anyone this year. That gave them a mere 18 months to prepare, and they literally moved mountains. I’m proud of our little neck of the woods for even having the courage to take on an event of this magnitude knowing the odds were stacked against them!”

Others echoed the criticisms of Canada’s Eric Lamaze (which one poster characterized as ‘nasty’, saying that in their opinion it was Lamaze’s country (and not just Bromont) which had ‘failed’ the equestrian community), who had expressed concerns about the Games in his own social media post recently. 

"Tryon WEG = Worst Equestrian Games,” wrote one, responding to Tryon’s Facebook video. That comment did not go over well with others, who wondered if any other countries had offered to step in to host the Games, additionally alluding to the difficult conditions posed by a looming Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas this month.

Indeed, a similar debate has taken place in response to Eric Lamaze’s comments, and undoubtedly this discussion is far from over – it will include an investigation by the Fédération Équestre Internationale into the cancellation of the endurance race in Week 1. Other international officials have commented in recent days on the FEI's role in helping put on the Tryon Games. Currently there is no candidate for the WEG in 2022. Video below by Tryon 2018.

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