Dutch Grooms Sleep With Storm Threatened Horses

One of fghe make shift tack room beds
Credit : GPH

Sunday 16 September - 15h02 | Lulu Kyriacou

Dutch Grooms Sleep With Storm Threatened Horses

Last night at the World Equestrian Games, the grooms of the Dutch dressage team elected to sleep in the tack rooms  near their horses  as Hurricane Florence bore down on Tryon, USA.

Cynthia Danvers, Vanessa Ruiter, Sophie van der Laan and a Dutch team vet got sleeping bags and supplies from the local Walmart  and bedded down for the night, not knowing what to expect  and after the showground was officially to the public and non essential personnel until monday in case of flooding.

On her Facebook page, Cynthia said "The Hurricane is on its way! Little wind happpily, but a lot of water is expected!! So we lie next to Rubin and the other horses, to keep an eye on everything you never know! And sleeping in the hotel is not an option for us then, I don't close an eye, and you have a chance that tomorrow the roads are closed, and you wouldn't be able to go to your horse!! So just camping in the tackroom  .Went to the Walmart, sleeping bag bought something little only Sofie van der Laan  legs  fit in
Training went super today!!
On to tomorrow, a day full of rain and hopefully without worries!

​Today  Cytnia has been back online to say they are all safe and it just rained a lot,  but the dedication of these grooms is to be commended most highly.

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