110 rescued horses head to pasture

Over-herd horse noises
Credit : Fund for Animals (screen shot)

Wednesday 20 June - 15h37 | Ian Clayton

110 rescued horses head to pasture

While most humans have had to deal with daily commutes in more or less pleasant conditions, and others think about escaping the rat race, the horses below seem to be not too stressed out by their muddy trip out to pasture.

With clip-clop hoof sounds replacing honking horns and subway noises, the rescued horses were filmed a couple years ago at the Duchess Sanctuary outside of Oakland, Oregon. On the organization Fund for Animals’ web site, the sanctuary is described as follows:

“It has been ten years since the gates opened at Duchess Sanctuary, and over that decade the center has transformed from an uninhabited, barb-wire laden piece of property to a beautiful, lifetime safe haven for rescued horses and donkeys. 

Over the years, the population has ranged from 180 to 199. The sanctuary is currently home to 196 equine – 188 horses, 5 donkeys, and 3 ponies. Our oldest residents are in their 30’s, considered elderly in horse years, and our graduated care program follows each animal through all the stages of their life.”

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