Video: ex-racehorse Shamrock takes owner for wild ride

Credit : Screen shot (Nick Bull – Facebook)

Tuesday 19 June - 14h42 | Ian Clayton

Video: ex-racehorse Shamrock takes owner for wild ride

You can take the horse out of the races, but sometimes it is harder to take the racing out of the horse.  

At least, that seems to be the case with Shamrock, described as a retired racehorse, who takes off unexpectedly on his rider Nick Bull in this video from last year. The undesired acceleration down a muddy country path apparently gave rise to the catchphrase ‘Woah Sham!’ in the United Kingdom. 

It also provoked some language by Mr. Bull that some viewers might find objectionable. Viewer discretion is therefore advised. 
The ending of the video also has some drama, but an assurance that everyone involved emerged more or less intact. And while it may not have been the pleasant country ride envisioned by his rider, the horse seemed to enjoy himself. Video below the break. And see here if the video below does not play. 

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