Some of horses’ more common fears

Credit : Scoopdyga

Tuesday 15 May - 11h37 | Maxence Magnin

Some of horses’ more common fears

When you were a child, perhaps you were under the impression that horses were big, brave and strong animals. The reality is a bit more complicated. GrandPrix-Replay has compiled a list of eight things that might spook a horse more than you, even if they are hundreds of pounds larger.

 • Umbrellas. A great, enduring mystery of horseback riding, umbrellas can be the achilles heel for some mounts. Only a slow, patient desensitization can help remedy this fear.
• Tarps. Whether on the floor or on the wall, tarps are not the best friends of our equine companions, wherever they are found. Again, getting over this fear can take time.  
• The wind. The wind often excites horses, who then become much more sensitive – especially when carrying a rider. As the wind blows and moves things around them, horses can also be unsettled by the changing surroundings.
• A river/water. Whether it is a small puddle in a meadow or the river to jump on a competition course, water is dreaded by some horses, although definitely not all. 
• Motorized vehicles. This is the first really valid reason for a horse or pony to be scared for good reason. With the sounds of a motorcycle, a tractor or a truck, it is normal for our mounts to tense up, all the more so when these vehicles do not slow down next to them.
• The base of an obstacle. Horses do not have the same perception of things as people due to their dichromatic vision, so an obstacle base with certain colours or surface textures can impede the process of getting over an obstacle.
• Other animals. Despite their often-beneficial companionship role, other animals can naturally cause horses to panic. To reduce problems while riding, expose them carefully to the diversity of animals around them such as pigs, goats, cows and so on. Obviously the fear of aggressive dogs is completely understandable. 

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