Refreshed and restored Roman CSIO5* in 2018

Piazza di Siena, Rome
Credit : Scoopdyga

Thursday 29 March - 16h37 | Ian Clayton and edited press release

Refreshed and restored Roman CSIO5* in 2018

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Piazza di Siena-Rome CSIO competition would no longer be part of the European Division 1 Nations Cup Show Jumping circuit. But the 86th edition of the event, from May 24-27, 2018, will still be returning this year with a new partner and increased prize money in an arena restored to its historic origins. 

 - Refreshed and restored Roman CSIO5* in 2018

A return to its roots
Credit : Piazza di Siena

Held in the Eternal City’s Villa Borghese gardens, the Rome-Piazza di Siena CSIO will take place this year on the re-grassed grounds of the iconic venue, a surface which replaces the sand laid down at the site in 2007. The change was spearheaded by national authorities and its historical context is described as follows: “Piazza di Siena has returned to the state originally conceived at the end of the 18th century by Prince Marcantonio IV Borghese, and since the 1920s [it] has hosted this international horse show. This is a powerful message sent not only to the city, but to the whole world, alongside the organisers’ assumption of responsibility for the capital’s artistic heritage.” More information on the site can be found here. 

Organizers say that the re-grassing and staging work started last Fall and was supervised by the Italian capital’s Fine Arts Department. The project also involves an upgrade to Piazza di Siena’s original walls and terraces bordering the oval arena. Officials from the Italian Equestrian Federation (FISE) and by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), which oversee the event and have found a new Official Timekeeper and Title Sponsor in Rolex, have also announced the following information for the 2018 competition:

~ The 86th Rome CSIO, scheduled for May 24th-May 27th, has a full technical programme with four days of jumping (from Thursday May 24th to  Sunday May 27th) with international classes (11 for the CSIO and 3 for the 7- and 8-year-old horses competing in the CSI/YH) as well as national classes. 

~ The most important classes in the CSIO will be the Nations Cup scheduled for Friday, May 25th, the mixed class with jumps at 1.50/1.55 m on the Saturday and the Rolex Grand Prix (1.60 m) on Sunday. The Six Bar class will also be held on Saturday. There will also be three international classes for Young Horses. 

~ The arena has been widened from 5,900 square metres to 7,100 square metres and now measures 150 x 50 metres.  

~ The Nations Cup will be of an extremely high technical level with nine top international teams competing: Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Holland, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

~ Some of the CSIO’s classes, and more specifically the first class of each day (from Thursday to Saturday) will be held in the new sand arena at the Villa Borghese Galoppatoio, while all other classes will be held in Piazza di Siena. The same applies to the two preliminary classes in the CSI/YH for horses aged 7 and 8 (Thursday and Saturday), with Sunday’s final reserved to the best ten horses who will instead jump in the grass arena on Sunday afternoon after the Grand Prix. 

~ Prize money amounting to 835,000 euros is a significant increase compared to past shows (235,000 euros more than in 2017). The prize money is one of the highest on the international show jumping circuit as well as the highest ever for Piazza di Siena. Prize money for the Nations Cup amounts to 250,000 euros with 350,000 euros for the Rolex Grand Prix. For more information on the competition, see here. Photo below from the venue's web site. 

 - Refreshed and restored Roman CSIO5* in 2018

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