Ward, Madden, Kraut on American long list for Riders Masters Cup rematch in New York

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Tuesday 20 March - 12h24 | Ian Clayton

Ward, Madden, Kraut on American long list for Riders Masters Cup rematch in New York

After Paris in December, New York in April. The second part of the Riders Masters Cup Show Jumping series is set for the Longines Masters of New York next month, from April 26-29, and the U.S. is eyeing some of its top talents to even the score after a defeat to Team Europe in France.  

 - Ward, Madden, Kraut on American long list for Riders Masters Cup rematch in New York

The Riders Masters Cup trophy
Credit : Longines Masters (Twitter)

Chef d’ Equipe Robert Ridland has revealed his long list for Team USA for the second showdown of the series, and with only five spots available for each team including one under-25 rider he will have some tough decisions.

The final teams and the official draw for the order-of-go will be held on Thursday, April 26, 2018 on opening day of the Longines Masters of New York. And U.S. Chef d’Equipe Robert Ridland will determine the final composition of his squad from among the following riders: McLain Ward, Beezie Madden, Laura Kraut, Lauren Hough, Kristen Vanderveen, Andrew Ramsay, Jessica Springsteen, Quentin Judge, Adrienne Sternlicht, Lucy Deslauriers and Jennifer Gates.
Ridland’s counterpart Philippe Guerdat will go through the same process for the European team, which in Paris was made up of Maikel van der Vleuten, Gregory Wathelet, Kevin Staut, Jos Verlooy and Lorenzo de Luca. That group beat the United States (Hough, Reed Kessler, Kraut, Devin Ryan and Chloe Reid) 9-6 in the opening match.
The rules of the competition, similar to the one-on-one Jumping Clash concept with the two squads battling for bragging rights, prize money and the exclusive trophy pictured above right, are described on the series web site.

“A spectacular and strategic competition, the Riders Masters Cup will pit five American riders against five European riders in ten duels of a two-round class," it notes. "The first round is played as table table A of a Grand Prix course. The starting order and the composition of the duels are drawn at random. Each duel won in this round brings one point to the winning team. The second round is against the clock where the strategy and choices of team leaders are paramount. During this round, riders are allowed to switch from a Grand Prix horse to a horse that may be more prepared for speed. The coach of the losing team in the first round designates his first rider to go and the winning team has the advantage of choosing his first direct opponent. It then switches for the next round. Each duel that is won accumulates two points for the winning team.”
For a tongue-in-cheek interview with De Luca and Reid from before the December competition, see below. For more information on the Longines Masters of New York, see here. 

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