Simon Delestre & Hermes Ryan Win 5* Hermes GP In Paris

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Monday 19 March - 04h38 | Lucas Tracol

Simon Delestre & Hermes Ryan Win 5* Hermes GP In Paris

Simon Delestre and Hermès Ryan des Hayettes mark the history of Saut Hermès. It's as if these two had won at home ... Under the nave of the Grand Palais, Hermès representatives Simon Delestre and Hermès Ryan des Hayettes have won the ninth edition of the Grand Prix. A jump off to thirteen, and signing the first French victory in the history of the competition in this event. The competition was tough, as the fearsome Niels Bruynseels on Gancia de Muze and Marcus Ehning associated with Cornado NRW completed the podium.

They are really phenomenal! After their victory in the Grand Prix of the World Cup in Lyon in November and their second place in Paris the following month, Simon Delestre again proved their exceptional form this afternoon in the beautiful setting of the Grand Palais. In the major meeting of the Parisian contest, both were the best on the courses imagined by Santiago Varela and Gégory Bodo.

On a very serious course with a tricky final line and a difficult middle part, thirteen couples managed to get off the track without the slightest penalty. It was Marcus Ehning and his extraordinary Cornado NRW who led the way in achieving an insolent course of ease. Winner of the CSI 3 * -W Grand Prix in Rabat in October, Jordanian Ibrahim Hani Bisharat did the same thanks to Chactino, as well as two of the last European medalists, Peder Fredricson and Harrie Smolders on Cas 2 and Hansson WL. As is often the case, Simon Delestre and the prodigious Hermès Ryan des Hayettes have struggled, just like the Swiss Janika Sprunger and the overpowering Bacardi VDL, or the recent winners of the Grand Prix CSI 5 * in 's-Hertogenbosch. , Niels Bruynseels and Gancia de Muze. In addition to the French number two, Patrice Delaveau and Olivier Robert have also obtained their ticket for the timed round respectively associated with Aquila * HDC and Tempo de Paban.

For others, this first part of the test was not a walk in the park. As proof, Julein Gonin, Aldrick Cheronnet or Margaux Bost preferred to throw in the towel after several mistakes. However, it did not go far for Denis Lynch, trapped by the stopwatch on the overpowering Van Hesling, a stallion who made his debut at this level this afternoon. Engaged with Sangria du Coty, Roger-Yves Bost was trapped on the oxer number two, while Philippe Rozier dislodged a brick from the wall with Cristallo A * LM, otherwise very comfortable on this course.


Sublime Simon.......

With the disadvantage of starting in number one at the jump off, Marcus Ehning  put pressure on his opponents. Always with the same fluidity, he and his son Cornet Obolensky were  tight through the corners and stopped the clock in 35 "92. A challenge too high for Ibrahim Hani Bisharat, who suffered a refusal of its gray on the wall.

Lorenzo de Luca and Ensor de Litrange LXII saw their hopes of victory soar away after a foul on the exit of the double, a combination that also trapped Harrie Smolders and his gelding by Indoctro. With a good look at the wall, Peder Fredricson made the double zero in 36 "46, synonymous with fourth place. Authors of a fault and with chronometers quite far from the fastest, Michael Whitaker, Edwina Tops-Alexander and Malin Baryard-Johnsson finished eleven, twelve and thirteenths.

Janika Sprunger played the caution card on a track that did not allow her to use the big gallop of her sublime bay, and finished in sixth place. She finished behind Olivier Robert and Tempo de Paban, very comfortable this afternoon at the Grand Palais.

It was necessary to be under thirty-six seconds this afternoon to get on the podium. Second in the 's-Hertogenbosch last week, Marcus Ehning was demoted a place today. Winners in the Netherlands, Niels Bruynseels and the strong Gancia de Muze also lost a place this weekend, despite an excellent jump off in which Simon Delestre could not go quietly. For good reason, the Belgian finished his course in 34 "97, while Simon Delestre and Hermès Ryan of Hayettes crossed the finish line in 34" 54. As in Lyon, he launched his best horse at full speed! Among the fastest horses in the world and thanks to brilliant  turns, the son of Hugo Gesmeray has allowed his rider to sound the Marseillaise, in front of an audience in full support. During the passage of Patrice Delaveau, last to start, it was therefore certain that the victory would go to a French  rider. Despite a good start, the Normand and his chestnut landed heavily on the wall, which ultimately earned them seventh place.

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