Pessoa Questions Future As Discord Hits Ireland's Dream Team

Despite a gold medal, all is not well at Horseport Ireland
Credit : Scoopdyga

Saturday 09 December - 19h03 | Lulu Kyriacou

Pessoa Questions Future As Discord Hits Ireland's Dream Team

The Irish Field has revealed that Irish team coach Rodrigo Pessoa is questioning his future  in that position as the discord off the field continues to rumble on.

 - Pessoa Questions Future As Discord Hits Ireland's Dream Team

Pessoa and Mulins
Credit : Scoopdyga

High Performance Show Jumping Committee Chairman Gerry Mulins resigned in October less than a year after taking the job.  He said at the time that he could not do the job as he was being 'interfered with'   but there were unconfirmed subsequent rumours, some of which were voiced by Pessoa, that Mulins and Horse Sport Ireland  (HSI) were talking again and that Mullins would be taking control again although Edward Doyle has been appointed on a temporary basis.
Despite these unconfirmed rumours, on Tuesday, HSI cnfirmed that Doyle would be taking the role on a permanent basis.
The Irish team, having been placed in three Nations Cups, took European Championship Team Gold in August, all after the appointment of Pessoa as Chef d' Equipe by Mullins. The loss of Pessoa, who has implied he is not short of other offers, would be a major blow  to Irish hopes for next year's World Championships and the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
Pessoa is quoted as saying  "I must say I am very unhappy, that’s a fact. There had been some problems internally with Gerry, with Horse Sport Ireland, some power fights which led to the resignation of Gerry, which was maybe jumping the gun a little but maybe he thought it was the right thing to do at the time.
"I put a lot of thought into this. I have to think about my position, it’s a natural feeling. My heart is with this team, but it’s not a secret that I have been approached by others in the fall (autumn). I really wish I didn’t have to, but I have to reconsider."

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