Hunter Harrison, the man behind the 'HH' in HH Azur, passes away

Rodrigo Pessoa, Quentin Judge, Jeannie Harrison, Hunter Harrison, and Cayce Harrison. Horses from left: HH Cantate, HH Let’s Fly, and Night Train.
Credit : Harrison family (as published in Equestrian Living Magazine)

Monday 18 December - 17h36 | Ian Clayton

Hunter Harrison, the man behind the 'HH' in HH Azur, passes away

HH Azur, HH Carlos Z, HH Ashley, HH Best Buy.

 - Hunter Harrison, the man behind the 'HH' in HH Azur, passes away

All are world-class sport horses horses ridden by World No.2 Show Jumper McLain Ward bearing the ‘HH’ moniker. The man behind that prefix, railway executive, passionate equestrian figure, and founder of Double H Farm, E. Hunter Harrison, passed away this weekend from complications linked to an illness.  

After running major railroad companies such as Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway over the course of his career, the Memphis-born Harrison had retired to Connecticut and Florida, where Double H has its bases. 

A board member of CSX, the latest company Hunter Harrison had been recruited to lead, said the following in a statement quoted by the Associated Press: "Hunter's burning passion, genuine humanity, and success helping countless connect with their fullest potential inspired a profound personal loyalty and devotion. Combining these with his unique genius, he created a legacy of truly historic proportions. I have been humbled and honored to be his friend, and mourn alongside his extraordinary, loving family."

The Harrison family's Double H Farm has owned numerous elite level horses, including Ward’s 2017 Longines FEI World Cup Final winner and Olympic Games mount, HH Azur. It was also part owner of Ward’s two-time team Olympic gold medal-winning mare, Sapphire, among others. Hunter Harrison has also been affiliated with other prominent figures in equestrian sports, including Brazil’s Rodrigo Pessoa and Harrison's own son-in-law, Quentin Judge. He has also (among many other activities in the equestrian world) been a long-time leading sponsor of competitions. 


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