Watch! Bridle-less Horse Jumping at Washington International

Credit : Kimberley Loushin via Facebook

Saturday 28 October - 10h31 | Lulu Kyriacou

Watch! Bridle-less Horse Jumping at Washington International

A rider has jumped her horse in the Hunter division of the Washington International Horse Show without a bridle.

Melanie Ferrio-Wise  and her horse Wings (stable name Vlad) dropped two fences in the class but the rider was thrilled with the performance of the horse that she rescued from the Domican Republic where the 14 year old Dutch Warmblood had started as a jumper and then tried dressage  before being catagorised as difficult to ride and shipped the the USA.  There he might have met a sad fate had not his path crossed with Melanie, who had experience of difficult horse in the past.

​Despite trying several differnt bridle combinations at home, she found that Vlad was happiest without one at home. She decided to go to Washington and try  the bridleless approach after an 18 penalty disater at  at the Pennsylvannia Horse Show last week. "He’s really tense in the bridle; he just doesn’t like it,” Ferrio-Wise said. “Without it he’s relaxed, and he’s 100 percent with me; we stay together. At home we gallop on the track; we trail ride, and we go cross-country—all bridleless."

​There is actually no rule that says the horse must wear a bridle, but  the rider asked permission from the show and accepts that show organisations might refuse permission because of safety concerns.

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