The Nations Cup - New Year New Look?

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Tuesday 03 October - 10h21 | Sebastien Roullier translated by Lulu Kyriacou

The Nations Cup - New Year New Look?

Division 2 planed down, Division 1 remodelled, Nations Cup runs on Sunday, and the prize fund up. Now playing in the colors of Longines, the FEI Nations Cup circuit is expected to evolve next year. On Saturday in Barcelona, President Ingmar de Vos presented his project to the organizers of CSIO events worldwide.

Even if everything has yet to be approved by the organizers of the CSIO's then the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), via its show jumping committee and then its General Assembly will approve plans for the series to undergo a new facelift in 2018. in the final of the weekend in Barcelona, ​​Ingmar de Vos, President of the FEI, invited all the organizers of major CSIO 5 * to present their reform project.

First essential evolution, the Nations Cups should now compete on Sunday, not on Friday or Saturday as today. This new programming was long awaited and demanded by a number of national breeders and riders, considering that the team event must be the culmination of a CSIO, and that it must therefore be run on the day the public is the most numerous in the stands and the strongest media exposure. The Grand Prix should then be advanced on Friday, afternoon or evening depending on the lighting capabilities of the competition grounds.

The overall structure of the circuit, resulting from a recast that came into force in 2013, is not expected to change. Thus, seven Divisions would be maintained: two in Europe, one in North and Central America, and one in the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. However, the number of CSIO FEI Longines should increase from twenty to less than fifteen, and all propose a level 5 * endowment. In detail, eight European Nations Cups (Lummen, La Baule, Rome, St. Gallen, Rotterdam, Falsterbo, Hickstead and Dublin as in 2017) would be retained. Three in North and Central America (Ocala, Coapexpan and Langley as in 2017?) And one in the Middle East (most likely Abu Dhabi). Due to overly complex and unharmonized sanitary rules for the international transport of horses, Divisions in South America, Asia and Africa should not organize steps for several more years.

Will there still be 13 rounds......

The main changes would concern the European D2. This year, nineteen nations competed in seven stages (Linz, Drammen, Lisbon, Uggerhalne, Sopot, Roeser and Gijón) for the two places in the world final and D1, by Belgium and Great Britain. By 2018, this D2 should only have one stage, a kind of pre-final qualifying for the world final. It will be a CSIO 5 * organized at the end of the outdoor season but before the Tryon World Equestrian Games (September 11 to 23). It could therefore be that of Gijón, scheduled from 29 August to 3 September, unless the world final leaves Barcelona - the decision will be taken by the FEI office at the end of the year - in which case the CSIO 5 * Catalan, whose organizers have set a date in June 2018, could join the D1 (to the detriment of that of Lummen?) and Gijón would then probably lose its status of Official of Spain.

In order for the fate of the nations involved in D2 not to be played on a single Cup, which would not be very fairly sporting, the European Equestrian Federation should propose to all European CSIOs 3 and 4 * to join a qualification subcircuit ... for this pre-final. To date, according to the dates set for the 2018 FEI calendar, this could concern those of Linz, Drammen, Uggerhalne, Lisbon, Roeser, Sopot, Budapest and Šamorín.

It remains a crucial question: what will be the thirteen steps in the 2018 calendar of the FEI Nations Cups Series? Saturday in Barcelona, ​​Ingmar de Vos has proposed to the organizers of CSIO 5 * an envelope allowing to increase "substantially" the prize money of the great Cups of the nations. Will it be enough to reach 400,000 euros, which would satisfy most riders, owners of high-level horses and team leaders? We should know more at the end of the year at the FEI General Assembly.

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