Lorenzo de Luca: Armitage Boy Is No Longer For Sale

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Wednesday 27 September - 18h36 | Lucas Tracol

Lorenzo de Luca: "Armitage Boy Is No Longer For Sale"

Italy's new superstar, Lorenzo de Luca, has been talking to Grand Prix about why he will not be competing this week in Barcelona and why his top horse, Armitages Boy, is no longer for sale, despite that being the reason for his taking the ride in the first place; to market the horse for current owners, Stephex Stables.

Grand Prix Replay: You are not in the Italian selection for the final of the Barcelona Nations Cup, was that what was planned?
Lorenzo de Luca: Yes, it's a choice I made. The season was long for my horses, I wanted to offer them a little break for a few weeks. Between the outdoor season and the indoor competitions, you have to find a moment in the year to rest. They go very well and are in very good shape, but you have to know how to lift your feet at times.

GPR: Have you planned to take part in the final of the Longines Global Champions Tour in Doha, a circuit on which you are currently second?
L.d.L: Yes, that's in my program. Normally I should take Ensor from Litrange LXII. I think it is very difficult to get on the podium of such a circuit. The fifteen stages are very disputed, I do my best to each of them. Ideally, I'd like to stay in second place on the circuit. Finishing at such a place would be a fine result, it would mean that my horses, my team and I have been regular this season. We are already delighted to be on the provisional podium!

GPR: Is the World Cup circuit your main goal for this winter?
L.d.L: Yes, absolutely. For two weeks I will concentrate on training younger horses on level 2 * competitions, and then I will try to get points on the World Cup circuit. I think Halifax van het Kluizebos can now be a size cartridge for these contests. He has made great progress on the highest level in recent months, I am sure he will be able to take points. For now, I leave a little Armitages Boy and Ensor  d'Litrange LXII to recover from this season as they have done a lot. I will try to make the best program possible for the indoor season, I hope to be able to go to the final cup of the world with horses in full form!

GPR: You\'re number two worldwide behind Kent Farrington this month, wearing the Longines Armband as the best rider in the world is it one of your major goals?
L.d.L: Given that I have to leave a little break to my best horses, I certainly will not be as high in the rankings next month. For me, being a world leader is not an end in itself. Whether I am number one, two or three is not the most important. The main thing is that my horses go well and they continue to jump well, that is my real goal in fact. Of course, it would be a satisfaction to be number one, but preserving my horses is really something of paramount importance to me.

GPR: After an inconclusive auction, Armitages Boy joined the Stephex team a little over a year ago. Is the stallion still for sale?
L.d.L: No, Armitages is no longer for sale. Stephan Conter (the owner of Stephex Stables) bought a large part of the horse a few weeks ago and Grégory Mars and Guillaume Canet are still part owners. The goal is to pursue her sporting career, while trying to combine her with a career as a stallion in order to sell stallions in parallel. Many people ask for it after the season he has realized. But from my side, I can really focus on sport from now on, and I will be able to participate in some world cups with him. I really want to keep it in shape for next year as well. True, he will be sixteen, but he will undoubtedly be a serious cartoon for the Tryon World Equestrian Games.

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