U.S. Scientists Encode Galloping Horse Film in DNA

Galloping Horse and Rider inserted in DNA
Credit : BBC (screen shot)

Tuesday 18 July - 15h44 | Ian Clayton

U.S. Scientists Encode Galloping Horse Film in DNA

As the BBC reports, an image of a hand and a short film (gif) of a galloping horse and rider has been encoded in DNA. Scientists are hoping to use the microscopic technique in the future to create ‘molecular recorders.’

The Harvard University scientists used “five frames of the horse Annie G captured in the late 19th Century by the British photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge” in their experiment.

“In order to insert this information into the genomes of bacteria,” BBC notes, “the researchers transferred the image and the movie onto nucleotides (building blocks of DNA), producing a code that related to the individual pixels of each image.” For more on the research and to see the DNA-encoded movie, follow the link here.

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