Four Pro Tips for a Dryer Horse

Credit : Scoopdyga

Friday 20 January - 15h02 | Théo Caviezel

Four Pro Tips for a Dryer Horse

As winter continues, GrandPrix-Replay is bringing you some professional tips to help equestrians of all levels. This week, Swiss rider Marie Pellegrin-Etter advises on how to keep your horse dry after a winter (or even summer) workout session. As it can be difficult to put covers on a horse’s back just after he has ridden, it is sometimes necessary to wait several minutes for the horse to catch his breath and dry out. One resulting risk is that the damp horse can catch a cold. 

1. Shave your horse      
This might seem obvious, but it is important to remember that shaving your horse correctly contributes to his well-being and helps him dry out more quickly after an intense effort, minimizing the possibility of catching a cold. 

2. Active recovery
Once the session is finished, it is important to engage in an active recovery consisting of trotting your horse for several minutes with long reins, before walking for several minutes with the relaxed animal. This technique is positive in every way, and allows the horse to return to his stall dry and breathing at a normal rhythm. 

3. Use alcohol
Another of Marie Pellegrin-Etter’s tips is to mix a small quantity of rubbing alcohol and water to dry out the coat, and also get rid of possible specks of dust!

4. Use straw
If you don’t have a water-alcohol mix on hand, a cheap and effective technique for drying your horse is to take a wisp of straw to rub in all the humid areas. The straw absorbs sweat, and the raised hairs after being brushed encourage a deep drying-out. 


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