Global Champions Tour Unveils 2017 Calendar

Paris Eiffel Jumping
Credit : Scoopdyga

Tuesday 10 January - 16h17 | Laure Eliot, Johanna Zilberstein and Ian Clayton

Global Champions Tour Unveils 2017 Calendar

The Longines Global Champions Tour has just published its full worldwide competition schedule for the coming year, featuring a new stop in Berlin and the return of London, England to the circuit. Another change for 2017: the equestrian battles will start in Mexico City rather than Miami.

 - Global Champions Tour Unveils 2017 Calendar

Credit : LGCT

The arrival of the two European capitals is a reflection of the expansionist policy of the Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League, which now extend across the world. In 2017, the Global Champions Tour and League will take place in 12 countries across Asia, the Americas and Europe.

As described on their web sites, the Longines Global Champions Tour “brings together the Top 30 ranked show jumpers in the world to compete in prestigious locations for unprecedented prize money,” while the Global Champions League “sees top riders from different countries unite to compete on the same team ensuring electrifying competitions over a Championship season.”

The global circuit kicks off in Mexico City on April 6th before heading north to Miami, Florida from the 13th-15th of the same month. The riders and their mounts will then pack their tack trunks and head across the ocean to China for the much-anticipated Shanghai stop, April 28-30, 2017. 

The competitors leave the Middle Kingdom and Asia at the end of April, direction Europe, to face off in the beautiful Spanish capital of Madrid from May 18th to 21st before stopping in Hamburg, the first German stage of the circuit (May 24-28).

 - Global Champions Tour Unveils 2017 Calendar

London's Royal Hospital Chelsea

In June, the competition swings into France for the ensuing stages in Cannes (June 8-10) and Monaco from the 23rd-25th of the same month. In 2017, the Champions Tour returns to the French capital with Paris Eiffel Jumping on the Champ de Mars, featuring the iconic tower of Gustave Eiffel in the background. Mark your calendars for June 30th to July 2nd for this scenic event organized by Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel.

After Paris, the next competition will take place in the southwest of the continent, in Estoril, Portugal, from July 6-8 before coming back to the French capital region at the Chateau of Chantilly from July 13th to 16th. Berlin makes its debut on the Tour from July 28th to 30th, adding a new capital and additional famous backdrop for riders and spectators, the Brandenburg Gate. 

After a short break from the event in 2016, London makes its return in the picturesque setting of the Royal Hospital of Chelsea, in the heart of the British capital beside the River Thames. The event will take place from August 3-6, 2017. Valkenswaard in the Netherlands, fiefdom of Dutch rider Jan Tops, brings the Tour back to the heart of the European continent a little later in the month (August 10-13). From August 21-24, 2017 the riders, mounts, trainers and grooms will be in Il bel paese ('The Beautiful Country'), Italy — more specifically in the Eternal City, Rome, at the Stadio dei Marmi.

Like every year, the final stage will take place in the Middle East, in Doha (November 9-11). It was here in the capital of Qatar that Sweden's Rolf-Göran Bengtsson captured the 2016 Longines Global Champions Tour title. And at this point, the 2017 champions of the Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League will be crowned. 


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