Valegro Fans Unable to See Last Demonstration

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro's final performance, Olympia Horse Show
Credit : Olympia Horse Show

Wednesday 21 December - 16h36 | Ian Clayton/ Johanna Zilberstein

Valegro Fans Unable to See Last Demonstration

For the farewells of Olympic and World Dressage Champion Valegro at last week’s Olympia Horse Show in London, England, there was some sadness but also a fair amount of disappointment for some in attendance. 

Certain spectators who had come to see the gelding do a last demonstration with long-time partner Charlotte Dujardin before their final performance were upset to discover that they had bought tickets for seats which did not exist, reports Horse & Hound. 

An Olympia spokesperson told the publication that the ticketing error was caused by a mistake with the seating plan. Attendees were allocated new seats, organizers added, but the process turned out to be somewhat complicated for a few members of the public.

“We had ticket numbers that didn’t exist,” Emma Heath-Plummer of Peterborough in the United Kingdom told the British publication. Having come with her daughter and two friends to see Valegro in his last demonstration on December 13th, the group left their initial incorrect seats and found themselves obstructing the view of others in the crowd.

“We were blocking the view and people were shouting at us to get out the way — we felt awful,” Heath-Plummer said. By the time they got to their new seats, they had missed the demonstration, H&H reports. 

“We’ve had compensation for the tickets which isn’t really the point — we would have rather seen the show,” Ms Heath-Plummer said.

The H&H report also raises cases of double-booking, although Olympia said those were extremely limited. 

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