Five Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Credit : Equinoo

Tuesday 20 December - 16h39 | Théo Caviezel

Five Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Just a few days till Christmas! Have you got all your gifts for family and friends? Ok, but how about the perfect gift for your favourite animal companion? Here are five gift ideas to slip under your horse’s Christmas tree...  

 - Five Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Credit : Crunchy ball

1. Bucket of (Healthy?) Sweets
A pail of candy, if at all possible natural, is a gift that never fails. In addition to recognizing your best friend’s good deeds, or simply spoiling him, some treats have ingredients which help, for example, with respiratory issues in the winter. Thyme, eucalyptus, carrot, apple, cinnamon… There is a flavour out there that’s going to be your horse’s favourite…

2. Crunchy ball — edible and anti-boredom
Does your horse spend most of the winter in a stall? Offer him or her another useful gift. Several brands offer an anti-boredom toy which allows the horse to play with it like a balloon, but also to have a healthy snack when desired. Flavours include banana, carrot, mint… An easy way to spoil them while also providing some vitamins and minerals…

 - Five Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Credit : Ebelien - Creative Commons

3. Massage mat
Another way to take care of our equine friends: a grooming massage mat… This accessory sticks to the walls of the stall, where the horse can rub up against it to clean their coat and get a nice massage in the bargain. Even better than a beauty institute!

4. Pet
What is nicer than getting an animal companion that you will cherish throughout your life? That was certainly the case with your own horse, so why not offer him or her the same happiness? Maybe a goat or a rabbit — they won’t take up too much space and can offer some calming company… 

 - Five Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Credit : Antoinette Delylle

5. The classic: A bag of carrots
A big classic, for any occasion: birthday, New Year’s, Christmas, a good training session, as congratulations for not rolling in the mud or ejecting you from the saddle… In short, carrots are THE magic gift for a horse!

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(Christmas tree by Perry Paranoid)


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