Emotional Tribute to Sir Radjah

Beatriz Ferrer Salat and Sir Radjah at 2016 CHI Geneva
Credit : Scoopdyga

Thursday 15 December - 16h35 | Johanna Zilberstein

Emotional Tribute to Sir Radjah

A few days after her horse Sir Radjah passed away during an operation for colic, Spanish dressage rider Beatriz Ferrer-Salat has paid an emotional homage to her top horse on social networks. 

 - Emotional Tribute to Sir Radjah

Credit : Scoopdyga

“Sometimes there are days of great happiness followed by one of the saddest. In the Grand Prix Freestyle on Saturday, Radjah was spectacular and we finished third with 75.750% and a clear round. We were following the music like we were dancing. I was so happy and proud of my Radjah. Then he had colic and underwent emergency surgery in Lyon [France]. After four hours of operation, with everything seeming to go well, we weren’t able to wake him and he passed away. 

Radjah was my companion and my great friend, always bursting with energy, and with a huge heart. He was also my motor and the one who allowed me to keep advancing when Delgado was injured. 

Every day I loved riding him and I learned to what point it was important to mould your horse, as horses pick up on everything, good and bad thoughts. They are extremely sensitive, much more than what we can imagine. 

If we treat them with tenderness and respect, they give you all their heart and that’s the most beautiful thing that can happen for a rider.

Goodbye Radjah, we’ll always be together.”


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