FEI Honored for 2016 Equestrian Work

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Monday 12 December - 17h37 | Press release/Ian Clayton

FEI Honored for 2016 Equestrian Work

The International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FEI) was named International Sports Federation of the Year at the International Sports Awards 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland late last week.  

 - FEI Honored for 2016 Equestrian Work

Lausanne, Switzerland - home of ISCC
Credit : ISCC

The award recognizes the work of the world governing body for equestrian sport, including its leadership in integrity and governance, and is voted for by members of the Swiss-based International Sports Chamber of Commerce (ISCC) and International Sports Convention conference delegates. The FEI’s designation coincided with the presence of its Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez in Geneva at the CHI Geneva. 
Among the reasons cited for the award were the FEI’s efforts to broaden the audience for its Olympic equestrian disciplines— show jumping, eventing and dressage — including through social media campaigns such as the ‘Billy to Rio’ series. 

You can watch the first episode of Billy to Rio here. 

Other FEI initiatives viewed as contributing factors were the #TwoHearts and Hoofloose campaigns, also aimed at broadening the public for the sport.

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