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When performance has a gender

The first CWD saddle designed specifically for a woman. A thinner, lighter saddle adapted to a woman’s pelvis to maximize performance. A breakdown of the 2Gs Mademoiselle.   

Innovation with a feminine touch

Innovation with a feminine touch - When performance has a gender

Take a 2Gs saddle. Send it to the CWD Technology Lab for several months, rethink every aspect for a woman’s body, including the patented Dynamick saddle tree. Concentrate on the seat’s comfort. Continue to work, to weigh, to test. Make the saddle environmentally-friendly (100% plant-based tanned leather) and great-looking (customisable), with a narrow gusset and ease of girthing. The 2Gs Mademoiselle has arrived. 

The Dynamick Woman saddle tree concept

The Dynamick Woman saddle tree concept - When performance has a gender

The backbone of the 2GS saddle, the Kevlar carbon-injected Dynamick® saddle tree has been redesigned to suit a woman’s body. Much of the saddle’s performance derives from its light, supple, and resistant frame. In addition to increased comfort for the rider, the opening of the Dynamick® saddle tree frees up the horse during jumps. Contact between the rider and horse is maximized. 

A saddle which suits a woman’s pelvis

In order to sit up straight in the saddle, a woman has to move her pelvis forward further than a man, which displaces her centre of gravity. As a result, she sits further ahead on her pubic bone as it touches the saddle. This position can create pain in the pubic symphysis. If the saddle is not padded in this area, the rider compensates by bending over in order to feel balanced further back in the saddle. With the 2Gs Mademoiselle, this area is freed up and riding is facilitated. The saddle’s flat U-shaped seat with foam padding in the front and at the level of the ischium responds to a woman’s morphology and gives her unparalleled comfort.

Ten reasons for wanting it                

1/ Dynamick® saddle tree for women
2/ Slimline design
3/ Lightweight
4/ Customised piping and stirrup leather keeper
5/ Slim twist for optimum contact
6/ Foam-padded seat for greater comfort in the perineal-ischial region
7/ Flexible flaps for easy girthing
8/ 100% vegetal tanned leather
9/  Visible ivory stitching
10/ Interchangeable cantle protector

A personal touch

The 2Gs Mademoiselle saddle resembles its owner — unique not only for its cutting-edge technology but also for its customisable aesthetics. Six colours are available for the piping and stirrup leather keeper, providing a  bit of lightness to set you apart from the pack!

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