Three Signs You’re Addicted to Horses!

Credit : Scoopdyga

Tuesday 22 November - 15h00 | Theo Caviezel

Three Signs You’re Addicted to Horses!

More than just a passion, being a rider is truly a state of mind. So much so that fellow horse addicts can recognize each other in the blink of an eye, even in the middle of a city wearing regular clothes. Today, GrandPrix-Replay's three signs that give away a rider right away . 

1. The dirty car

No, we are not all lucky enough to have luxurious, fully-finished stables… For us, the stable is often more muddy and pebbly. So imagine the state of your car Wednesday evening after a riding lesson! The first step in identifying a rider then is to look at their car: if the bottom is covered in mud, and footprints cover the rugs inside, there’s a good chance…

2. Straw in the hair

Imagine: you are relaxing in a cafe when a young woman passes by in front of you, a bit hidden by the hay stalks in her hair. No need to panic. She has likely just come from an intense jumping session, at the end of which a large amount of exertion was required to brush and groom her mount, who had just prior taken a malicious pleasure in rolling in his stall!

3. Riding breechs... under the jeans! 

While you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, your gaze wanders around before falling on the bottom of the jeans of the person ahead of you. And there, to your surprise, is the tell-tale velcro poking out. No, it’s not a new style. It’s just a rider who didn’t want to change to go and buy some carrots for their horse...

Maybe you know some other signs?

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