Stretch well before riding your horse

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Thursday 27 October - 14h28 | Théo Caviezel

Stretch well before riding your horse

Yesterday, GrandPrix-Replay described some ways to help your horse stretch before a workout. But the health of a rider is equally important. And yes, warming up before getting on a horse is enormously beneficial! Read on for some tips from dedicated stretchers.   

Michel Robert, the good student
When one talks about the idea of ‘relaxation’ in the equestrian world, in Europe in any case, one of the first names that comes to mind is Michel Robert. The French show jumping champion has never stopped preaching the benefits of a physical and mental preparation before mounting on my horse.

“I do twenty to forty minutes of yoga every morning. That allows me to stretch, to prepare mentally and physically to start my day right, and afterwards I get on the horse,” he explains. “For me, it’s essential. When we’re lucky enough to enjoy doing these exercises every day, we see the benefits immediately. Once we are feeling good in our mind and in our body, it is much easier to ride!”

Loïc Doizon, the professional 

Loïc Doizon, a French trainer, is particularly known for his specialization of horse riders’ daily workouts. “With regard to physical preparation, it is clear that that is very important for a rider,” he says.

“I work mainly on general strengthening exercises as well as strength training. Actually, every body part has to be regularly reinforced in order to maintain maximum stability on the horse. My approach is based on intermittent exercises for the upper body, torso and lower body in order to allow various muscle groups to recuperate while others are worked. Working out in this way also allows riders to advance with their aerobic capacity, an essential trait in equestrian sports if the rider wants to last throughout his whole event. As well, the recuperation between events can also be accompanied by exercises, for example muscle strengthening.

For a video showing some of the trainer's exercises, click here

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