Must-have accessories for Fall

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Tuesday 04 October - 18h15 | Théo Caviezel

Must-have accessories for Fall

Ah Autumn… The days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling, just like the temperatures. Autumn also means rain, and yet competitions have not yet moved indoors. And on those days when it’s pouring down, it can be harder not to drown than finish the course without a penalty! In the end though, it all comes down to being prepared for the weather. To help you get ready for a fast-approaching Autumn, GrandPrix-Replay presents a list of must-have accessories for the season.

 - Must-have accessories for Fall

The essential: Rubber boots

In the Fall, as indeed for the rest of the year, rubber boots are an obligatory feature in your tack trunk. Of course, they will protect you when it rains, whether walking your friend’s horse or walking the course. Style tip : opt for floral-patterned boots, which will brighten up your day without fail!

For sharing with your horse: Rain jacket (mackintosh/waterproof covering/sheet)

A waterproof garment is equally important in your trunk; just remember not to leave it at home. And, as Prince has to stay dry too (especially when his winter coat is starting to emerge, recalling his Shetland roots), do not forget his protective sheet either.  Thus covered, your horse — and your leather equipment — will thank you. Equally important: you can avoid post-competition colds and flus.

 - Must-have accessories for Fall

A Stylish touch: the nonslip overshoe/galoche

For those who are not always wanting to wear rubber boots, another option is anti-skid overshoes. Ideal for riders who do not want to take off their riding boots or who fear committing a style crime… Why not pick some in bright colours for a pop touch!

Low Maintenance: White overpants 

Say goodbye to the big brown mark on your buttocks from the leather of a wet saddle. Choose white competition overpants, which will keep you dry, warm, and above all clean, whatever the weather conditions.

 - Must-have accessories for Fall

One we dare not try: The umbrella hat

Want to avoid unpredictable autumn conditions while becoming a potential mascot at rain-drenched competitions? We have identified the indispensable accessory! Let yourself be tempted by this lovely umbrella, which becomes one with the person wearing it…


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