Scandinavians Take First Para Equestrian Medals

Ann Cathrin Lubbe
Credit : FEI

Wednesday 14 September - 17h15 | Ian Clayton and Johanna Zilberstein

Scandinavians Take First Para Equestrian Medals

Competition resumed yesterday at the Deodoro equestrian stadium. While teams in the Grade II classification continued the dressage test, for riders in Grade III, the individual competition was decided awarding the first para-equestrian Olympic medals of 2016 to Norway, thanks to Ann Cathrin Lubbe, as well as Denmark and Sweden.

Riders competing in the Grade II classification (Walk and Trot with Canter allowed in Freestyle) finished their team dressage tests yesterday, enabling the  remaining competitors to improve their national score. Natasha Baker solidified British supremacy a little more, with an average of  71.882% aboard Cabral. She finished ahead of the Dutch rider Demi Vermeulen on Burburry (71.824%), and the German Steffen Zeibig on Feel Good 4 (71.529%). Fan favorite Rixt van der Horst of the Netherlands, riding on Caraat, took fourth place (71.353%), ahead of American Rebecca Hart on Romani (69.941%).
It was then the turn of riders competing in the Grade III classification (Walk, Trot and Canter and may show lateral work in Freestyle) to enter on the course for the individual dressage test. Counting for the team standings, this second test was also the moment for the first para dressage medals to be awarded at the 2016 Games. Norwegian Ann-Cathrin Lubbe came out on top with Donatello (72.878%). The new gold medallist finished ahead of Dane Susanne Sunesen on Que Faire (72.171%) and Sweden's Louise Etzner Jokobssen on Zernard (70.366%). Angela Peavy of the United States came in 8th place on Lancelot Warrior (68.585%).
Team standings changed as a result of the riders' finishes.
 After this third day of competition, Denmark is in the lead with a total of 282.583, ahead of France (273.719) and Australia (270.360). It’s worth noting, however, that these three teams are the only ones to have already had two riders compete in the individual dressage test. The standings should change by the end of today’s competition.

​The full schedule and results are available here

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