Great Britain Lead As U.S. Falls Behind In Rio

Anne Dunham, GBR
Credit : FEI

Tuesday 13 September - 17h06 | Grand Prix

Great Britain Lead As U.S. Falls Behind In Rio

While the final riders from each team have yet to take place in the Para-equestrain section of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the United States was not able to match the top nations and remains in 11th place at the moment. As expected, Great Britain is in the lead, ahead of Belgium and Germany. 

Fourteen teams are competing in Rio, but as day breaks on the third day of the team competition, not all have played their final cards. That is the case notably for the three teams currently in line for the podium. While Great Britain appears untouchable after rounds by Sophie Christiansen on Athene Lindebjerg (77.522%), Anne Dunham on Ljt Lucas Normark (73.957%) and Sophie Wells on Valerius (74.405%) with Natasha Baker riding later on Cabral, the Belgian and German teams have not yet had their final say. With one rider each still to enter the arena, the two nations are averaging 212.936 and 212.906 points respectively and have everything left to win. After rides by Ciska Vermeulen on Rohmeo (69.476%), Eveline van Looveren on Exelent and Michele George on FBW Rainman,  Belgium will be able to count on Barbara Minneci, who returns this afternoon in Grade II with Barilla. It’s the same situation for Germany, whose fourth rider is Steffen Zeibig on Feel Good 4, while Elke Philipp on Regaliz (73.913%), Carolin Scharre on Del Rusch (65.833%) and Alina Rosenberg on Nea's Daboun (73.160%) have already finished their rounds.
The U.S. currently sits in 11th place (203.422), with three completed rounds: Sydney Collier on Western Rose (66.440%), Margaret Mcintosh on  Rio Rio (68.087%) and Angela Peavy on Lancelot Warrior (68.895%). Rebecca Hart will ride fourth for the Americans on Romani.

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