Equestrian Fans Urged to Support Olympic Games

Credit : Scoopdyga

Wednesday 03 August - 21h10 | Lulu Kyriacou

Equestrian Fans Urged to Support Olympic Games

Equestrian fans over the globe are being urged to support horse sport at the Rio Olympic Games  to ensure their continual survival in future Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be reviewing the audience figures for several sports during Rio to assess whetehr or not they should be included in future Games or whetehr they should be replaced by others on a growing wait list. Recently, due to poor figures, equestrianism was downgraded from a class C to a class D sport and is in imminent danger of elimnation just for this reason let alone any of the often quoted reasons of cost and esclusivity.  The FEI and national federations are asking all of their fans to get behind the #twohearts campaign and show their enthusiasm in a measurable way.  The IOC is planning  to explore print, broadcast and online coverage, as well as engagement on social media. This will demonstrate how widespread the appeal is of each Olympic event. Fans, in addtion to athletes, officials and volunteers, are being asked to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  to interact with ther sport as much as possible.

​In the United Kingdom a petition is being organised here to ask the BBC to increase its coverage to something like the previous levels where, in addition to the Olympic Games, events like Badminton, Hickstead and the Horse of the Year Show all had daily mainstream coverage.

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