On the road to Rio: Dressage

Credit : FEI

Friday 22 July - 16h32 | Johanna Zilberstein

On the road to Rio: Dressage

For three weeks, GrandPrix-Replay will provide you with information to perfectly follow the equestrian events in the three disciplines during the Olympic games. Dates, program, best results, figures... Find the core information in our guides. For this second edition, read about everything you need to know about dressage.

The dressage events will take place during the second week. The Grand Prix will take place over two days, on August 10 and 11, from 5pm to 9.30pm (CET). The Special Grand Prix will then take place on August 12 from 5pm to 9.30 (CET). After a two-day break, the competition will resume with the Freestyle to Music event, on August 15, from 10am to 2pm (CET).
The competition will be held over four days. The first two will be dedicated to the Grand Prix, where all the couples will start. In the Special Grand Prix, on the third day, only the six best teams and the eight best singles will start. Finally, in the Freestyle to Music event, on the fourth day, the 18 best riders of the Special Grand Prix will face each other.
- 10 teams
- 20 singles
Single podium:
1. Charlotte Dujardin (G.-B.) & Valegro
2. Adelinde Cornelissen (P.-B.) & Jerich Parzival
3. Laura Tomlinson (G.-B.) & Mistral Hojris
Team podium:
1. Great Britain
2. Germany
3. Netherlands

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