Last-minute changes in the Olympic teams

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Thursday 21 July - 14h54 | Johanna Zilberstein and Patrick Randall

Last-minute changes in the Olympic teams

The list of final choices for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio was published last night by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports. This was a chance for the different federations to make last-minute changes, but also to discover the choices of selections that had not yet announced their official selections.

This time, the choices are unchangeable. Starting Monday at midnight, federations started revealing their definitive choices for the Olympic games in Rio. From now on, only the riders whose names appear on this list can take part in the Brazilian event. So any rider who hasn’t been selected cannot aim to set foot on the Deodoro track. In the event of a couple forfeiting, the federation will not be able to replace it if no reservist has been named. If, in the end, an individual couple does not take part in the competition, its whole nation will be deprived of Olympic games. To provide for such contingencies, some national federations have made a few last-minute changes.
In show jumping, a few noteworthy changes have been made. In the list published by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, Rodrigo Pessoa, who was initially appointed as a reservist, had been replaced by Felipe Amaral. But this morning, after the update, the 2004 Olympic champion is back as a number 5, with Citizenguard Cadjanine Z.
There was change for Colombia, too, as Daniel Bluman, who had opted for Casello, will finally ride Sancha LS. The German Ludger Beerbaum, selected with Casello, now appears with Chiara, but it’s really with the former chestnut that he’ll go to Rio, as he told GrandPrix-Replay this morning.
Qatar and Ukraine, who had not yet announced any selection, will compete with five riders each: Hamad Ali Mohamed at-Attiyah with Appagino 2, Ali Yousef al-Rumaihi with Gunder, Ali al-Thani with First Devision, Bassem Hassan Mohammed with Dejavu and Faleh Suwead al-Ajami (reservist) for the Gulf country, and Ulrich Kirchhoff with Prince de la Mare, Cassio Rivetti with Fine Fleur du Marais, Ferenc Szentirmai with Chadino and René Tebbel with Zipper for Ukraine, with Ferenc Szentirmai as a reservist with Chaccland. The Swiss federation, which hadn’t revealed its fifth couple, only just revealed with this final list. It will be Paul Estermann with Castelfield Eclipse.
Concerning single events, Ireland will, of course, be represented by Greg Patrick Broderick with MHS Going Global, Belgium by Jérôme Guéry with Grand Cru van de Rozenberg and Nicola Philipaerts with Zilverstar T, Colombia by Daniel Bluman with Sancha LS and René Lopez with Con Dios II, Egypt by Karim Elzoghby sur Amelia, Italy by Emanuele Gaudiano with Caspar 232, Morocco by Abdelkebir Ouaddar with Quickly de Kreisker and Portugal by Luciana Diniz with Fit For Fun 13.
For Taipei, Turkey and Venezuela, whose choices had so far not been revealed, it will be, respectively, Isheau Wong with Zadarijke V, Omer Karaevli with Roso au Crosnier and Emanuel Andrade with Hardrock Z, and Pablo Barrios with Antares.

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