McLain Ward: “The key is to stay focused”

Credit : Stefano Grasso/LGCT

Tuesday 19 July - 15h31

McLain Ward: “The key is to stay focused”

Only a few weeks away from the Summer Olympic in Rio, the world’s best riders in the world are preparing for this key event. The aim is to get there in top form and produce the best results possible in Brazil. The American McLain Ward talks about his preparation.

GrandPrix-Replay: A few weeks away from the launch of the Olympic games in Rio, in what state of mind are you in?
McLain Ward: I feel good, my horses HH Azur and Rotchild are in good shape. We’re in the final stages before the games. We went to Aachen for the 5* Grand Prix and I think everything’s in place.
GPR: You’re planning to go to Rio with HH Azur. How is she?
M. W.: Rothchild is also on the list but the plan is to go with Azur. They’re both doing well, Azur did two perfect runs in the 5* Rotterdam Grand Prix. She’s fresh and in good form. Rothchild finished third in the 4* Devon Grand Prix in early June. We also went to the 5* Knokke Grand Prix and to the 5* Aachen Grand Prix.
GPR: How are you going to prepare yourself (physically and mentally)?
M. W.: Physically, I feel good. Of course, you can always do more but I feel in good form and confident regarding my riding. I think the most important is to have a plan and try to stay focused on the goal. Mentally, I don’t feel overwhelmed for now. The key is to stay focused, as for any major championship.
GPR: What are you going to do to be the best you possibly can in Rio?
M. W.: I’ll be setting off with a very good horse and that’s already a huge help. First, the priority is the team medals, so we’ll try to achieve this goal. Then, we’ll focus on individual competitions. We’ll proceed step by step.

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