Madrid and Paris Welcome FEI World Cup Vaulting

Credit : FEI

Tuesday 24 November - 18h41 | Lulu Kyriacou/Press Release

Madrid and Paris Welcome FEI World Cup Vaulting

This weekend, The FEI World Cup Vaulting Qualifiers begin at shows in Paris and Madrid. At the Spanish show, Madrid Horse Week, there will also be jumping and driving for horse fans to enjoy.

Vaulting demands outstanding physical fitness from the athletes and a harmonious relationship with the horse that carries them through their routine. Mounting and dismounting, shoulder and handstands, kneeling and standing exercises and carrying or lifting another vaulter are just some of the tests. The key to success is a lot of hard work and dedication along with artistic flair and gymnastic ability. And team-work is also crucial, with a lunger ensuring the horse maintains a steady canter on a circle no smaller than 15 metres.  At its best, Vaulting is a joy to watch, with grace, energy, power and discipline combined with a huge sense of drama and entertainment. The buzz of excitement created in the Vaulting arena at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy (FRA) last year was unforgettable, and indoor audiences will enjoy lots more of the same over the months to come. There are three classes to watch out for; Individual Male, Individual Female and Pas de Deux. Details of the qualified vaulters and where they are competing are here

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