Saturday 08 February - 13h12 | Press Release

Epaillard’s turn: nothing stops the French riders in Bordeaux

In the first part of yesterday’s evening, the Prix Generali was a dress rehearsal for tomorrow's Longines FEI World Cup Grand Prix. Though it is not really a qualifying class, the pairs must finish their course if they intended to start on Saturday evening. Some have used this course to prepare for today’s class, which will be of great importance for some: it is one of the last chances to win a place for the final in Las Vegas. Thus certain courses were ridden at a slower pace allowing the riders to make their final adjustments.
Others were looking for a victory, as did Frenchman Julien Epaillard who is already qualified for the WC final of Las Vegas and who, in a quite impressive pace, took victory from the double gold medallist of the Panamerican Games, Brazil’s Marlon Modolo Zanotelli. With his 12-year-old German mare Queeletta, Epaillard was over two seconds faster than the Brazilian world number 15 who was riding the 12-year-old Icarus. One of the public’s favourite riders, German Marcus Ehning, tried as well to beat the clock but finished 35 hundredth of seconds behind Zanotelli with his beautiful Comme Il Faut. A true moment of sport as another champion, the great (and 2,03 m tall!) basketball player Boris Diaw, NBA Champion and European Champion 2013 with the French team, handed them over their prizes. After taking the first six places in the Horse & Sport Prix earlier that day, this French victory marked a great day for the French riders.

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