Saturday 24 August - 23h47 | Press release

EC Rotterdam: Flash Quotes of the Day

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl: After this week, nothing surprises me anymore. It was the most exhausting week ever. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for me, but it was the happiest end I could have wished for. Today I shed tears of happiness. The first day I shed tears of, well not exactly sadness, but as we all know, shit happens. Dalera was just extraordinarily good today. At the very beginning, she felt a bit nervous before I entered the arena but then I took some deep breaths and then I was completely with her and she was with me and we did not lose each other for one second in the entire test and it was just a phenomenal dance.
Dorethee Schneider: Yes, over 90 is an amazing feeling. Showtime came into the arena and saw the audience and said, let’s dance now. And we danced. He was absolutely with me together and wanted to present himself in a phenomenal way and we enjoyed it together. The other riders and horses were so good, but it’s a very strong emotional bond Showtime and I have and I think we were on point. He had fun and I had fun, and then to get over 90 percent - amazing. 
I didn’t know it, but our coach told me that I was only the sixth person ever to score over 90 percent. That’s really special.
Isabell Werth: It was a very long week and we had different kinds of weather, and I’m so proud of Bella and happy with her because in all three competitions she always gave me a super feeling and always did her best. It was a super week for Germany but today especially. I think we had such exciting performances. It was a rollercoaster for us but it shows that championships seem to have their own rules. Anything can happen. But it was great. Today, I had some things I can improve on, but there were so many highlights. In the end, to come down the centre line and hear the audience clapping along, that is such an amazing feeling. The most important thing in the sport is to stay open to change. I’m always thinking about what is best for which horse. Without that, I wouldn’t be here.
Of course it’s great to have won, but to be honest, I can’t ride on a statistic. The medals are the result of so many years in the sport, but the beautiful thing for me is to have won them with so many different horses. That is what motivates me to ride, to go to the stable every day. And every day I wake up happy. It’s a privilege to be able to do what you love. 
I’m also quite happy to win all the watches. There’s a whole team behind me so it’s nice to have a present for them too. But of course some I keep for myself. 
Carl Hester and Gareth Hughes: 'Before I had to ride I saw the score and thought, what happened with Carl?!'
Edward Gal: 'It was a good test, but I also had some difficulties with Zonik today. I don't know what it is this week, but Zonik gets very distracted with the other riders' mares in the warm-up. Ordinarily he doesn't get bothered by it, but he was like this Tuesday and again today. He especially thinks Patrik Kittel's mare is very interesting.'

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