Tuesday 20 August - 20h34 | Press release

EC Rotterdam: Scholtens, Hester, Werth and Gal flash quotes

Emmelie Scholtens (NED): “In every test there are some things that go a little less good and some that go better, but looking overall I’m pleased with the performance. Riding a championship is always a little different, you tend to put a bit more pressure on yourself. My heart rate was a little higher than normally, I could feel that when I was riding.
My preparation for this tournament was a bit unusual. Right before we also had the World Championship for young horses and the Pavo Cup, and we had to drive home again in between and then head back out, which isn’t ideal.
It’s a tough choice between two stallions as great as Apache and Desperado, but a while ago I already felt that I’d like to start Desperado here. I felt it was time. And fortunately, the team coach agreed with me. And Desperado did super. The scores are close together at the moment. The bronze medal is within reach, but it’ll be up to Edward to get it for us. If we manage to win it, it’ll be thanks to him.”
Carl Hester (GBR): “The horse needed to get his confidence back. I went around and rode little shows and practiced a little more and he just rose out of the ashes in warm-up today, so I'm very pleased. He's just a great horse. His passage has gotten better all week. I’m looking forward to the Grand Prix Special a lot.
Of course, I still get a buzz from competing at stages like this, that doesn’t change whether it’s the first time or the thirtieth. I had to wake up at 3 AM today but my eyes popped open at the alarm, I was excited for what was to come. I’m probably one of the oldest riders here, and I’m not really into competing as much as maybe some of the other riders, but I just love riding.”
Isabell Werth (GER): “It’s always a pleasure to ride this horse and to compete with her, she’s very special and has improved so much this last year. It was my goal today to present her in the best way today and I’m very proud and happy. I was close to tears when we finished because she’s so amazing. Her movement in the ring is so charismatic and we made no mistakes today. It’s so great to feel during the competition that she enjoys it as well. We have four very strong combinations in our team that can all score over 80 percent. It’s maybe the strongest team we’ve ever had and I’m really proud to be part of it.”
Edward Gal (NED): “Today was very difficult for me because during the warm-up my horse got distracted by the other horses there, the mares, who are very interesting for him as a stallion of course. Normally he doesn’t react to that sort of thing, but now he was constantly noticing the other horses around him. Every time one came by he lost focus and was like, ’O, there’s a mare, and there’s another one’, so that was difficult to work with.
At the end I had ten minutes warm-up by myself and it got a little better and he relaxed a bit more but I still had some difficulties while in the arena. But I’m still happy to have gotten through the test the way we did and I’m happy with the score I got and with the team result. I had to go last for the team so the pressure was on me but I just said to myself, go out and get a good result. And now we even have the silver. In the end, it all worked out well.”

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