Thursday 05 January - 23h41 | Lulu Kyriacou

Ladies Race Kills Two More Horses

Two more horses have been listed as CI (Catastrophically Injured) in the results of the CEN Ladies race at the Dubai Festival of Endurance in the United Arab Emirates. Organised by SheiK Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum, both the deceased horses were owned by his brother Sheik Rashid bin Hamdan al Maktoum and both were trained by Buti Saif Al Mazoorei. The horses were ridden by Camila Bilbao and Micaela Paroldi. Paroldi hails from Argentina where she has completed less than half a dozen FEI 80km races according to her FEI record. Bilbao is also Argentinian but appears to be a little more experienced having over 40 starts under her belt. No details have yet emerged as to precisely what happened but Grand Prix has already reported on the excessive speeds (over 35kph was recorded) during this competition.

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