Monday 08 August - 23h51 | Lulu Kyriacou

Mark Todd Reflects On Rio Performance

Sir Mark Todd, at the age of 60, is competing at his eigth Olympic games and today led the New zealand team into second place in the medal tabal with a fast clear round on Leonidas. Afterwards he reflected on the experience.

“I had instructions from the team to go safe and clear,” said Todd. “The horse was brilliant all the way around. The instructions were also to ride safe at the fence where Tim had the problem and I think that probably cost me those few seconds.
“That was a really unlucky fall for Tim, to slip on the flat like that when the horse was going so well.”
Todd was ecstatic with his own horse, and a tad emotional when interviewed at the end of the day.
Rio is the ninth Olympic Games he has been selected for, including the boycotted 1980 Games. He has actually attended every Games since 1984, when he and Charisma won the individual gold medal, as he was the team trainer in 2004.
He has two individual gold medals to his credit and a bronze, as well as a silver and two bronze team medals.
“I am over the moon to have finished and gone well. It is a 3* course with 4* technicality. The fences come at you thick and fast.”
But he had plenty of praise for his.
“He is so brave and honest,” said Todd.
“The team needed me to get round. When you are travelling at 570 metres a minute, the fences come at you thick and fast. There is no room for error – the horses have to stay really focussed. It is a real riders course out there.”

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