Double blow for Egypt!

Egypt did it !
Credit : DR/MRT

Monday 14 October - 10h21 | Press Release

Double blow for Egypt!

Fantastic feat of the Egyptian show jumping team, which not only qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics (together with Qatar), but also did it with by winning the fourth Nations Cup of Rabat in front of strong teams, such as Switzerland, which had held the trophy for two years.

But it must be said that this team from Egypt had serious arguments with three riders and horses winners of Grand Prix 5 *, Nayel Nassar (Lucifer V), Abdel Said (Venice Reverdy) and Sameh El Dahan (Suma's Zorro) with the "Youngster" Mohamed Taher Zeyada, 24, riding the excellent Vizalaty. All these riders came from all over the world, Europe (Ireland and Belgium), United States and Egypt, and, as explained by their team chef, Eng Hesham Hatab "This is the first time we could gather together these four riders, all extremely motivated by the perspective of this Olympic qualification. It's been sixty years since Egypt was no longer qualified for the Games ... none of these riders were born. This is a great moment for our country and we will receive all the necessary support from the nation to go to Tokyo in the best possible conditions of preparation. "

"It's the victory of a team in the broadest sense," stressed Sameh El Dahan. “Behind us four, there is a whole staff, grooms, veterinarians, technicians, but also families and supporters, it's really a great moment for all of us ".

The titleholder, Switzerland did not deserve with a young team. Finally, composed of young riders with old horses or old riders with young horses, according to the famous saying. To keep the Moroccan Nations Cup in their hands, Alain Juffer and Cornet MM needed to go clear to avoid leaving the trophy to Egypt. A bar of too much! An Egypt which, assured the team chef and president of federation, will focus on Tokyo, with, in any case, this same triumphant team of Rabat.

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