A First Win for Team Belgium in the Spruce Meadows Masters Nations Cup

Team Belgium (Olivier Philippaerts, Pieter Clemens, Francois Mathy Jr. Yves Vanderhasselt - not pictured Chef d'Equipe Peter Weinberg)
Credit : Mike Sturk/Spruce Meadows Media

Sunday 08 September - 04h24 | Press release

A First Win for Team Belgium in the Spruce Meadows Masters Nations Cup

The BMO Nations' Cup is one of the featured weekend events of the Spruce Meadows 'Masters' CSIO5* Tournament. This year ten nations were represented in the historic competition and looking to have their names added to the trophy.

The course consisted of 12 obstacles (15 jumping efforts) and 485m of track that riders had to navigate in 73s or less. Riders who jump either round of the BMO Nations' Cup with four faults or less also qualify (if not already qualified)  for the CP 'International', presented by Rolex on Sunday. At the end of round one the top six teams returning for round two were , Mexico (15 faults), Sweden (12 faults), France (10 faults), Canada (9 faults), Ireland (8 faults) and Belgium (4 faults).

Team Belgium left nothing to chance. Carrying only four faults through to the second round, Olivier Philippaerts, Pieter Clemens and Francois Mathy Jr. each delivered clear rounds in round two to secure gold for Belgium. This is Belgium's first win of the BMO Nations' Cup.

Ireland and Canada were neck and neck in faults for silver coming into round two with eight and nine faults respectively. Mario Deslauriers (CAN) led off round two for Team Canada and posted a clear round. Solid results from teammates Kara Chad, Erynn Ballard and Eric Lamaze helped to secure silver for the host nation. Ireland's Daniel Coyle and Capt. Brian Cournane posted solid second round scores (1and 2faults respectively) but Dermott Lennon's 8 faults was not able to become the drop score with Conor Swail, faulting twice before retiring, knowing his score would be dropped. Ireland took the bronze.

"We have very strong riders (for Belgium), in the second round they were absolutely brilliant in the end. They jumped clear and made my job easy" - Peter Weinberg (Chef d'Equipe for Team Belgium) on his team's performance in the 2019 BMO Nations' Cup .

Eric Lamaze Wins the Suncor Winning Round

The Suncor Winning Round was the first competition for Saturday of the Spruce Meadows 'Masters' CSIO5*. Fans were out bright and early to stake their spot around the International Ring to watch the best in the sport compete for glory.

The top 30 riders from the TELUS Cup and ATCO Solutions competitions (Wednesday and Thursday respectively) qualified to compete in the Suncor Winning Round. This two round competition takes the top ten riders from round one and returns them for the winning round in reverse order of score.

Following round one, five clears, four single fault rounds and the fastest of the four fault rounds moved onto the Winning Round. Lorenzo de Luca (ITA) was the first to return to the ring. Aboard Limestone Grey he laid down a clear round in a quick time of 46.62s. De Luca's time held up through the Winning Round to the final rider of the competition - Canadian Eric Lamaze was last to go. With Chacco Kid (with whom he'd won with earlier in the week), Lamaze galloped into first place with a time of 44.73s

"It seemed like such a simple fence to jump but the front rail came down so many times I had to take another look at it as I came in the ring. I made sure to protect the front rail and my horse (Chacco Kid) was clever enough to jump the back rail." - Eric Lamaze on how he rode what seemed to be a trick fence on course.

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